3 Things Changing My Day

August 30, 2019

Moving out of the slower summer season, and into fall, I started noticing the days were getting out ahead of me, and I was struggling to catch up. So I took a closer look at why I was feeling overwhelmed during the day, and how those pain points might be alleviated.

  1. I was lacking energy
  2. I was feeling frazzled in the morning
  3. I was reacting to my child’s needs the moment my eyes peeled open in the morning to find her staring at me, standing next to my bed.

To combat these challenges causing my overwhelm, I have been working on 3 new habits that are small and manageable, and have surprisingly made a crazy difference in how smoothly my life is operating at the moment. I kept it simple, and adopted a mantra of consistency… and so far it seems to be paying off.

Habit // Drink half your body weight in oz of water: First to address my energy… I started drinking water. I realized that I was drinking more coffee than water throughout the day – which is incredibly unhealthy. I turned this around and started working toward drinking half my body weight in oz a day. This has not only given me the energy I was lacking, but is having great side effects like clearing up my skin problems, keeping me fuller longer, and keeping sickness at bay.

Tip: Water isn’t my favorite thing to sip on all day, so a few things that helped: don’t sip… chug. Set your alarm on your phone every hour and chug some water. I would forget to sip on it all day otherwise and wouldn’t actually drink anything. Infuse your water so it tastes delicious. Fill up a pitcher with lemon, celery and herbs or frozen fruit. Keep it on your desk and make a goal to get through the pitcher by the end of the day.

Habit // Ask yourself a simple question each night: Next ,to address my frazzled mornings – I began asking myself one simple question at night… “What can I do tonight to make my morning smoother.” The answer differs night to night, but generally includes tidying up so I wake up to a clean house and no dishes in the sink, setting the coffee maker and packing snacks/lunches if I am going to be on the road the next day. I will check the meal plan and make sure meat is pulled out of the freezer and lay out my outfit for the following day. I make sure my bags and my daughter’s bags are packed and in the car, ready to go, and write a list of my tasks for the following day. Now I wake up and feel prepared, with decisions already made for me. It makes it easier to pop out of bed, knowing a mountain of chores aren’t waiting for me and I can enjoy a slow and peaceful cup of coffee.

Habit // Wake up before your kids: And finally, to address my reactive vs. proactive state, it was as easy as waking up five minutes before my daughter. I started with five minutes then incrementally worked my way up to an hour before my daughter starts her day. I now have a solid chunk of time completely to myself to do whatever I want with no demands from the world. I take control of my day right off the bat.

Tip: It helps when your kids wake up at a consistent time. I realized my two-year-old daughter, had no way of telling the time, so would come in our room as soon as her eyes popped open which could range anywhere from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. A friend told me about the “OK to Wake” clock – an alarm clock that glows green at a set time, for kids who can’t read numbers yet. She now knows that she can’t get out of bed until her green light turns on. This guarantees my time in the morning and makes the early rise time so worth it.

I know the transition from Summer to Fall can be tough, and we humans like to overcomplicate things. Try these three simple things to perhaps change your day.