Never Miss a Birthday Again

August 30, 2019

Sometimes it seems like one more thing will set us over the edge. Are you like me and you want to be on top of things, you want to have it all together, but with all the balls we are juggling we are bound to drop one.

For me the birthday ball is always the one that gets dropped. I have to admit… gifts are not my love language, so in an attempt to life hack my way out of my short comings and to finally stop writing “Happy Belated Birthday!” here’s what I am planning to do for the remainder of the year.


When my husband and I started mapping out our weeks, I also started checking to make sure to see if there were any birthdays or events that week. Create a chart that maps your loved ones and the months of the year write their date in the box.


For kids 6+ embrace the card and money: My nieces and nephews were getting older and it was harder to find unique gifts that they really wanted and didn’t already have, that also fit within our budget. That’s when I realized, that all kids like money and they can either horde it like I used to in their piggy banks or can have the thrill of picking out something they really want themselves.


Hack: buy all your cards and get your cash to pre-write your birthday cards at the beginning of each year. Stick them in an easily accessible, but somewhat tucked away space with sticky notes of the dates they need to be SENT in the mail and the date of their birthday. I love rifle paper company.

Images // Rifle Paper Co.


For kids 5 and under, gift an experience or gift card: Whether its tickets to the children’s discovery museum, trampoline park, build a bear or even Barnes and Noble they can have a fun play date, or can pick out something to keep. Sure this isn’t as fun as them unwrapping a gift box, but it saves the parents from having one more unnecessary toy in the house, and gives them a special memory instead. Same tip as above, figure out the ages and interests of your nieces/nephews and stock up on these at the beginning of the year.