Too many influencers got you overwhelmed? My go-to gurus.

September 25, 2019

In a world of a million influencers pushing content out multiple times a day, it is easy to get caught up in the swirl of keeping up with all of the habits, products and activities recommended constantly. Even if you don’t think you are being influenced… trust me… you are! And when you have multiple influencers in a category – it is easy to feel inadequate and become overwhelmed… that’s why I pick one! One influencer in a category as my go-to guru.

Here they are:

The Motivator: Rachel Hollis

Get your daily kick in the pants and be inspired into action in any goal you set for your life.

The Boss: Jenna Kutcher

How to Get Glowing Skin Without Harsh Chemicals

Are you an entrepreneur or self-starter looking for guidance? RUN and soak up all the free info she offers.

The Home CEO: Kendra Adatchi

The Lazy Genius preaches simple and purposeful living. Her home-life-hacks, tested habits and family routines will help you focus time and energy on what actually matters.

The Polished Professional: Shira Gill

A fresh take on minimalism and home organization, Shira is my go-to gal for all inspiration on possessions…where and how to store them, think about them, and not let them get in the way of a more intentional life.

The Home Coach: Julia Marcum

All things style and design Julia of Chris Loves Julia inspires me to make my house a home – and put the effort into making even the smallest corners intentionally beautiful.

The Magical Mama: Jessica Garvin

My favorite mama guru around, Jessica finds the charmed moments of an average day to day and discovers new ways to celebrate the seasons of her daughters’’ childhoods.

The Productivity Paragon: Jordan Page

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Jordan Page is entertaining to say the least, but man that girl can get stuff done! If you need any tips or motivation to get moving and take care of business (home & life), she’s your gal!

I challenge you to find your gurus… and then unfollow the rest!