Happy and Playful Toddler Room Redo

October 15, 2019

My two-year old is full of spunk and whimsy – but moving into our new spec house, the boring beige walls of her room (repeated in every other space of our home) – didn’t sit well with me. I wanted a space filled with pizazz, mirroring her playful nature and bright eyes.

So, I chose to transform what was the guest room, into a fun, happy space she could call her own.

It started out as a holding spot for our queen bed and mismatched hand-me-down furniture.

But with the help of elements pretty much all sourced from Target and Ikea (mixed with a few special, meaningful items), a sweet toddler room came to fruition over the course of a weekend.

I recently became obsessed with color-blocking, so painted the walls a crisp white and greenish-gray, choosing to keep most of the art and styling elements at toddler level – making the entire room feel more playful.

I found these pendant banners on a trip to Mumbai, India at a little boutique called “The Shop” in a Bollywood neighborhood. I carried them across the world in my suite case in hopes that I could somehow find a fun place for them in my daughter’s future room, they are my favorite things about the entire design.

The bed is from Ikea – and what I love most about it, is not how cute and inexpensive it is, but that it expands from toddler size up to a twin size! And not to mention the canopy – every little girl’s princess dreams coming true!

It’s amazing what some paint and playful elements can do.